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Established in 1994, Farplast s.r.l. is a company specialising in the recycling of plastic materials.

The company purchases and selects plastic scrap from industrial plants and turns it into granules and sales the followings products:

  • 20% HD PE (suitable for film and molding)
  • 80% LD PE (suitable for film and molding)
with particular specialization in polyethylene for films.

We have a manufacturing capacity of around 250 q. granules per day and the obtained product is an high quality recycled granule that meet the requirements of the most important manufacturer of films of our zone.

Farplast s.r.l. introduce itself as supplier of granule and grinding and as manufacturer on behalf of third company; besides Farplast s.r.l is also a buyer of plastic scraps or raw materials.

Farplast s.r.l. has own means of transportation for possible collect of goods and deliveries.

The offices are available for possible quotations e/o samplings, also for particular products that require special colours and gradations.